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Solo Exhibitions


2006 Discovering Americas. Earth2mars Gallery. New York City, NY, USA.

        October 26 – November 22


2004 The Americas: A Women Revelations. Simone’s Gallery Ltda. Pelham, NY, USA.

        October 16 – November 13


2003 From Colombian to Colombians. Flamingo Building, Center Tower, Suite 1212, Miami

        Beach, Florida, USA.

        December 20 – January 20


2002 Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Center for Latin American Caribbean and

        Latin Studies, The  Graduate Center, New York City, NY, USA.

        October 11


2001 Colombian Consulate’s Gallery, New York City, NY, USA.

        July 26 – August 31.


        Elizabeth’s Public Library, Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA.

        July 16 - 20


1991 Huyumbe: Land of Gods. La Merced Archeological Museum, Cali, Colombia.

        April 15 – 30


1990 Huyumbe: Land of Gods. Grand Salon, Chamber of Commerce, Palmira, Colombia.

        September 11 - 20


Selected Group Exhibitions


2011 Viva America!. Livingston Gallery, SUNY Empire State College, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

        October 3 – December 15


2009 EXPOARTE 09, Club Colombia USA, Bergen Community College, Hackensack, NJ, USA

        July 14 – 28


2003 Creative Currents. Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center Plaza, New York City,

        NY, USA.

        October 17 – October 27


        Perceptions and Expressions at the Second Iberoamerican Cultural Festival, Natives Roots

        Theater, Queens, NY, USA.

        March 27 – April 5


2002 Celebrating Latin Culture & Diversity. Simone’s Gallery Ltd, Pelham, NY, USA.

        October 12 – November 2.


        Hispanic Heritage Month. Citibank, Greenburgh, NY, USA. October 31


        52nd Annual Sidewalk Show, Old Greenwich, CT. September 7-8


2001 United Nations Gallery, New York City, NY, USA.

        July 16- 27.


        Ninth Avenue International Festival, New York, NY, USA.

        May 19-20


2000 Impressions/Expressions: Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, Manhattan,

        NY, USA.

        October 20 – 30


        Hispanic Heritage: Manhattan Borough Municipal Building, New York, USA.

        October 12 – November 17


        Worldwide Cultural Exchange: Ashkelon-Khan Museum: Ashkelon, Israel.

        May 15 – June 5


1999 VII Exhibition of Hispanic American Values on Painting and Sculpture, Paterson Museum,

        Paterson NJ, USA.

        September 11 – October 11


1998 Third Marden Gallery of Southwestern Colombian Artists Amaime Convention Center,

        Palmira, Colombia.

        October 30 – November 16


1996 El Dorado Hotel Arts Exhibition, Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

        November 18 – 21


1992 Valle del Cauca Province Fine Arts Institute, Cali, Colombia.

        April 20


        VII Gallery of Women Artists. Cali City Society for Improvement in Public Works. Cali, Colombia.

        May 4 - April 12


        Women: La Morada Alternativa Latin-American Culture House, Cali, Colombia.

        March 8 - April 19


1990 INEMITAS Painters: 20 Years. Cali City Society for Improvement in Public Works,

        Cali, Colombia.

        November 30 - December 7


        Exhibition of Latin-American Pre-Columbian Graphic Designs. Valle del Cauca Province

        Craftsmen's   Society, Cali, Colombia.

        April 28- May 6


Awards and Honors


2009 Certificate of Commendation, Cultural Week Art Exhibit, Club Colombia USA,

        County of Bergen, NJ, USA.


2004 Artist of Month (March), Art Festival from La Calle 8, Miami, Florida, USA


1999 Appreciation Award, Sons and Friends of Colombia Association, Paterson, NJ, USA.


Selected Bibliography


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Master of Fine Arts at the Popular Cultural Institute, Cali, Colombia.

October 1989 - July 1992


Architectural Draftswoman and Interior Decorator by the Academy of Professional Design.Cali, Colombia. August 1982 - September 1985


Teacher and Designer at the Department of Educational Resources, National Institute of Continued Undergraduate Education INEM – Jorge Isaacs, Cali, Colombia.

September 1988 – March 1999


Attended Workshops


Museum Mountimaking Course, "The Master Series" by Professional Picture Framers Association, San Antonio, Texas, USA. September 24-27, 2022

Visual Arts Curator Course, by Joyce Lynn, West Side Arts Coalition New York City, New York, USA. November 1999


Certified Picture Framer by Comfenalco, Cali, Colombia June, 1995


Illustrator Technics, School of Fine Arts, Cali, Colombia. February 20 – April 20, 1990.


Photography, Pilot Experimental Center of Valle, Cali, Colombia July 16 – August 16, 1990


Special Consultant Activities


Visual Arts Curator Course, by Joyce Lynn, West Side Arts Coalition New York City, New York, USA. November 1999


Past and Present of Latin-American Cultures: Culture, Science and Technology Fair at the INEM, Cali, Colombia.

July 7-17, 1993


Science and Fair at the "Valle de Cauca" Province Education Department. INEM Archeological Museum Project, Cali, Colombia.

May 18-22, 1992


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