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About her

her Art Statement

Valentina Veranes is a Colombian-American recognized artist with degrees as a Drafter and Interior Decorator, Master of Fine Arts, and a certified curator of art, Picture Framing, and expertise in Restoration and Retouching. 
Among her most important exhibitions, she performed at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center, in the exhibition hall of the United Nations, at City Hall in Manhattan, the Consulate of Colombia in New York City, and at the Paterson Museum in New Jersey.
Her works have been in several galleries in Florida, Massachusetts, the Middle East, and Europe, in several private collections in California, Boston, Connecticut, Miami, New York, and several cities from Colombia.
She was renowned for art magazines and local newspapers with ratings and commendations for her artistic work.
She has continued her artistic work as a custom picture framer and restaurateur in different locations and cities in the East of the country, acquiring a long and high-quality experience in this skill.


To a world beyond ours, another world,

where borders were non-existence.

Where we were once one with the earth and,

where concepts did not exist,

in either form nor image.

What was, was, and always will be.

I invite you to this world,

which before we discover,

we shall discover our own selves.

I take and interpret from this world,

in my own language,

a world, that for some, is from the past,

stuck in time,

it nourishes our present.

It is one of our biggest necessities:

to know our origins.

I invite you to enjoy,

through of my compositions,

in colors, lines, figures, and textures,

the message that our ancestors,

left behind.

May we listen and interpret

with our eyes and fingers.

May we recognize

our first footprints,

from the four cardinal directions,

of this new world, we call America.

I leave you with the encounter,

of that world with this one,

of the old with the new,

of which I participate as a passionate admirer.


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